Parsa Polymer Sharif Company

Информация о торгах полимерными материалами

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    Parsa Polymer Sharif Company

    37, Ghasemi St., Habibullah St., Azadi Ave.

    +98 21 61975100

    Parsa Polymer Sharif Co. is one of the leading advanced polymer compounds manufacturers with wide variety of products essential to everyday living. Since its establishment in 2007, mission of Parsa Polymer Sharif Co. has been the same: to diligence to produce the highest quality engineering-designed plastic compounds. Parsa Polymer Sharif is an innovative knowledge company that meets the market's demands for world-class end products. Our highly-diversified product portfolio serves a comprehensive array of end-use applications including automotive applications, pipes, consumer applications, performance industrial applications, and packaging. Our target markets: · Automotive · Construction · Packaging · Agriculture · Home appliances



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